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At Northside, we value each student holistically, as individuals with unique spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Our mission is to provide an excellent academic education integrated with a Biblical worldview – real learning for real life and faith.


We believe that teachers and parents share the commitment to understand the social and emotional development of each student, and we strive to provide a secure environment where each child can realize their identity in Christ and purpose in the world.


Learning at Northside teaches students to relate the principles of Christ into every academic discipline and activity.

Every one of us leaves a unique imprint on this world. At Northside, your child will be equipped with the tools necessary to step into God’s plan for his or her life.

Boy writing diligently


Children Reading the Holy Bible

Learn in an environment that is significant, secure, and spiritually sound.

Pre-K and K

Children listening to teacher

Making the transition from home to school is easier in a safe and loving environment.

Grades 1-4

Students Building Windmill

Creating a joy of learning through experiences, opportunities, and relationships.

Grades 5-8

Students writing happily

Laying the foundation for a life built upon the rock of Jesus Christ.

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