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We recognize that God designed us holistically; therefore, the creative, expressive, and intellectual growth of our students is an integral aspect of a well-rounded education. Northside's skilled teachers and coaches build and develop our talented, young performing artists’ divinely-inspired gifts in an academic climate that nurtures growth in the disciplines of theater, band, choir, art, and others.

Art Class


Music Class

Northside offers a creative and innovative music program. Each week, students learn music theory and concepts, while emphasizing performing arts, worship methods, voice lessons and rhythm.



In addition to music class, Middle School Students have the opportunity to participate in our school’s worship and sound team where they develop both their vocal, instrument, media, and audio tech skills, all while doing it for the glory of God.


Guitar Lesson

Northside offers a guitar club once per week, as well as affordable private piano, flute, guitar, and violin lessons one day per week during the regular school day. Parents love that this program is held during the regular school day – a great music education without the inconvenience of one more car ride!


Childrens Show

In the spring, Northside students perform a much-anticipated variety show and/or melodrama. Students prepare for this performance primarily during the school day in drama class, and put all the finishing touches on their performances during a few select evening rehearsals. This has been a Northside tradition for the last 20 years!

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