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Welcome to the Northside Christian School Alumni page! Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, you are an invaluable part of our community. We want to celebrate your achievements and keep you updated on school news and events! We are thrilled to continue sharing in your journey. Join us in nurturing a lifelong connection to our Northside family, where faith, community, and education intertwine.

We Love That You Are Here

Since its birth in 1974, Northside Christian School has been home to a community of hardworking students who have gone on to do great things!

Even after graduation, our desire is for that community to continue. We are excited to hear where your life has taken you and what you have gone on to accomplish!

We are so happy that you have an interest in sharing with us!

Consider Giving

You can also make an impact at Northside Christian School by donating. We are looking to expand the school, so your prayers and support are appreciated!

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