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Northside Christian School was formed by a group of parents who understood the importance of Christian education. Through the assistance of several committed churches, this school was founded with the purpose to integrate a Biblical worldview with quality academics.


The school opened as Compassion Day School with thirty students, serving 1st to 8th grade students.


The school was reorganized and the name was changed to Northside Christian School. Instead of being a direct ministry of the church, it became a Minnesota 501 c(3) non-profit organization with three sponsoring churches: Compassion Christian Center, Way of the Cross Church, and Daystar Ministries.  Daystar later dissolved organizationally, leaving Church Upon the Rock (formerly Compassion Christian Center) and Way of the Cross Church as the sponsoring churches.


Northside Christian School identified a need to expand since there was no room for further growth at the Church Upon the Rock campus. During this time, a multi-site campus vision emerged for the opening of new campuses in other churches.


The second campus of Northside Christian School opened in Blaine at Way of the Cross Church.


The Northside Christian School campuses were combined, and began meeting exclusively at its current location in Blaine at the Way of the Cross (now Way of the Lord) site.


Today, the leadership and staff at Northside Christian School seek to fulfill the school’s God-given mission of providing students an excellent education integrated with a Biblical worldview. Over the past 48 years, many parents, grandparents, alumni, and church members have faithfully prayed, supported, and sacrificed to ensure the future of the school.  We celebrate the 48-year history of Northside Christian School, and look forward to the future!

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